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The idea of painting large-scale decorative canvases full of exotic birds in a formal garden setting was invented in Holland by Melchior de Hondecoeter (1636-95, see for example 405354). Bogdani was born in Hungary and moved to Amsterdam in 1684, where Me

Birds have long been a source of artistic inspiration.

Jakob Bogdani (c. 1660-1720)

Birds and Fruit in a Landscape c.1708-10

RCIN 402410

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Hungarian-British painter Jakob Bogdani was inspired by bird painter par excellence Melchior de Hondecoeter, whose work he first encountered in Amsterdam in the 1680s. In Britain, Bogdani honed this specialism by studying birds in the aviaries and menageries of some of his wealthy clientele. Here, he combines still life and bird-painting in a highly staged composition: a large red-crested cockatoo frames the scene of small parakeets and tiny passerines gathered around peaches and grapes.