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The Music Room

A hand coloured print depicting a view of the music room in the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. For an earlier state see RCIN 708000.ah. Plate 16 of the reissue of Nash's original publication of illustrations of the exterior and interio

Pavilion, Music Room.


There are six colossal porcelain Chinese towers, or pagodas, in this room. They were among the most expensive, rare and luxurious items you could buy in Regency England. They were probably made for George in China in the early 19th century. The larger pagodas cost about £100 each. George then spent over £2,000 to embellish them.

The pagodas are decorated with gilded bells, dolphins and dogs, and topped with snake-entwined arrowheads and winged dragons. In the Western imagination pagodas were among the most recognisable symbols of the exotic East. In Europe they were associated with ideas of leisure and pleasure. They are perfect for this room which was used by George for music and entertainment.

Attributed to Antoine Sebastian Slodtz (1655-1726)

Mantel clock

Arita, Hizen province [Japan]

Pair of vases mounted as candelabra

Jingdezhen [Jiangxi Province, China]

Two pagodas

Jingdezhen [Jiangxi Province, China]

Four Pagodas

Jingdezhen [Jiangxi Province, China]

Set of vases mounted as oil lamps, with stands

Attributed to Tatham, Bailey & Sanders

Side chair