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Museum Hof van Busleyden [Mechelen]

On 19 January 1526 Isabella of Habsburg, Queen of Denmark and sister of the Emperor Charles V, died, leaving behind her three children: John, aged 7; Dorothea, aged 5; and Christina, aged 3. This portrait was painted the same year and was perhaps commissi
The Children of Christian II, King of Denmark (1481-1559) ©

Renaissance Children, 26 March - 4 July 2021

The city of Mechelen, in modern day Belgium, became a centre for the education of the children of Burgundian and early Habsburg rulers. This exhibition brings together for the first time a selection of children’s portraits commissioned for the court there, including two Royal Collection loans. Charles V as a Child (RCIN 403000), and The Children of Christian II (RCIN 405782), will be shown alongside manuscripts, treatises, toys and jewellery exploring the historical, political, educational and artistic stories behind the portraits.

Rooms and locations with objects on display