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Royal Blue at Kunstmuseum Den Haag [The Hague]

Pair of jars and covers
Pair of jars and covers ©

The exhibition Royal Blue reunites examples of Delft porcelain from the Dutch and British royal collections, as well as important examples now scattered in other collections and residences around Europe. It looks at the patronage of the Delft porcelain factories by William II and Queen Mary; William was a joint monarch of the United Kingdom alongside his wife, and in his own right the Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic. His wife Mary’s collecting of Chinese porcelain and its use as inspiration for the Dutch factories forms one of the significant themes of this exhibition.

Much of the Dutch royal collection’s Delft is usually housed at Palace Het Loo, which is now closed for renovations, giving the opportunity to display this porcelain alongside its close comparatives now in the British royal collection and usually seen at Hampton Court Palace. The exhibition is on display to the public until 22nd November.

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