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Mantegna and Bellini at Gemäldegalerie [Berlin]

This painting is one of nine canvases known as The Triumphs of Caesar, which can be counted amongst the finest achievements in Italian Renaissance art. They were probably painted for Franceso II Gonzaga (1466-1519), who became the 4th Marquis of Mantua in
The Triumphs of Caesar: 2. The Bearers of Standards and Siege Equipment ©

This major exhibition, organised by the National Gallery and the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, in collaboration with the British Museum, is the first full-scale endeavour to explore the creative links between the work of Andrea Mantegna and his brother-in-law, Giovanni Bellini. Central to the exhibition are three large canvases by Andrea Mantegna, on loan from the Royal Collection. The paintings form part of a larger series of nine canvases known collectively as the Triumphs of Caesar, which, for the last five hundred years, were among the most celebrated and much copied masterpieces of Italian painting. Also on loan are two drawings including the head of an old bearded man by Giovanni Bellini. The man closely resembles St Anthony Abbot who is featured in Bellini’s altarpiece made for the church of Santa Maria della Carità in Venice. 

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