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Hockney's Eye at the Fitzwilliam Museum [Cambridge]

A pencil, pen and ink and watercolour drawing of Windsor Castle and the town seen from the Goswells, a small park on the Windsor bank of the river Thames. On four joined sheets of paper. Inscribed in pencil in the artist's hand: 'Windsor from the Gos
Windsor Castle from the Goswells drawn in a Camera ©

Hockney's Eye: The Art and Technology of Depiction
15 March – 29 August 2022

The Fitzwilliam presents a range of paintings, drawings and projections which explore David Hockney’s experiments with optical devices such as the camera lucida and camera obscura. These are complemented by works from earlier artists who made use of such devices, including a drawing by Thomas Sandby loaned from the Royal Collection. The drawing is of Windsor Castle from across the river, done on four small pieces of paper joined together to create a panorama: Sandby's inscription states that it was made using a camera obscura, in which the image was projected into the back of a small box, so the outlines could be traced by the artist.

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