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Louis Philippe and Versailles at Château de Versailles [Versailles]

DM 3136: the Royal Party in the Galerie.  Behind the Queen and Louis-Philippe can be seen the duchesse d'Orleans with her elder son, the Queen of the Belgians, Mme Adélaide, Queen Marie-Amélie, Prince Albert  etc.  Signed and dated.
Royal visit to Louis-Philippe: presentations to Queen Victoria in the Galerie des Guises, Château d'Eu, 2 September ©

A new exhibition at the Château de Versailles concentrates on the connection between Louis-Philippe and the palace, as well as his relationship with Queen Victoria and her family. Louis-Philippe, Duc of Orleans and French King from 1830 until 1848 was responsible for the transformation of Versailles into a museum of French history and welcomed Queen Victoria to the Château d'Eu in 1845. Loans from the Royal Collection to this exhibition include watercolours depicting Queen Victoria's visits to Louis-Philippe in France and miniatures of Louis-Philippe and his consort Marie-Amélie.

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