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Sculpture in its Castle at Château de Lunéville Museum [Lunéville]

A bronze group of naked Prometheus seated and chained to a rock partially covered with draperies, with his right hand stretched, being pecked by an eagle and with a flaming torch lying below.

Prometheus, son of the titan Iapetus, stole fire from heaven
Prometheus bound ©

La sculpture en son château: Variations sur un art majeur
Sculpture in its Castle: Variations on a Major Art

18 September 2021 - 9 January 2022

The important French eighteenth-century bronze by François Dumont, Prometheus Bound, 1710, has been loaned to the Château de Lunéville as part of an exhibition about sculpture in Lorraine during the eighteenth century and the Duke of Lorraine’s ‘first sculptor’, François Dumont (1687-1726).

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