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Liderick, dict le Buc. 1 Forestier de Flandre. Anthonie, 2 Forestier de Flandre. Bouchard 3 Forestier de Flandre. Estorede 4 Forestier de Flandre. Lideruck 2 du nom 5 Forestier de Flandre. c.1601-21

Engraving | 7.5 x 22.5 cm (sheet of paper) | RCIN 611599.a

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  • Engraving of the early Foresters of Flanders. Five portraits of legendary figures from Flemish history; Lydéric Forester of Flanders, Antoine Forester of Flanders, Burchard Forester of Flanders, Estored Forester of Flanders, and Lydéric II Forester of Flanders. Each bust length portrait is framed within a niche, and labelled with the name of the sitter in French below. For another series of the Dukes of Brabant, see RCIN 611600.

    Cut from a larger sheet of 43 rulers of Flanders from the eighth century to 1621. For individual sheets, see RCIN 611599.a, RCIN 611599.b, RCIN 611599.c, RCIN 611599.d, RCIN 611599.e, RCIN 611599.f, RCIN 611599.g, RCIN 611599.h, and RCIN 611599.i.

    These prints are known as a Chronologie Collée: a French printmaking phenomenon in which a series of small portraits were printed in a tabular format, designed to be cut down and adhered into a volume with accompanying text. Prints such as these were designed for volumes such as Le Théâtre d'honneur de plusieurs princes anciens et modernes (c.1618) and ‎Chronologie et sommaire des Souverains Pontifes, anciens Pères, Empereurs, Roys, Princes et hommes illustres depuis le commencement du monde iusques à l'an de grâce 1622‎ (1622).
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    7.5 x 22.5 cm (sheet of paper)

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