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Indian; Mughal

Portrait of Muhammad Hakim Mirza c. 1600-05

RCIN 1005038.i

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  • f. 9 from a Mughal Album of portraits

    Rubai by Abdullah Ansari written on plain paper diagonally across the page, the calligraphy enclosed in clouds which are surrounded by gold wash:

    هو الغفور

    رفتم بتماشای گل آن شمع طراز / چون دید میان گلشنم گفت بناز

    من اصلم و گلهای چمن فرع منند / [از] اصل چرا بفرع می مانی باز

    چیزی که نه روی در بقا باشی ازو / آخر هدف تیر بلا باشی ازو

    از هر چه بمردگی جدا خواهی شد / آن به که بزندگی جدا باشی ازو


    Portrait of Muhammad Hakim Mirza, c.1600-05.

    Muhammad Hakim Mirza (1554-1595) was the second son of Emperor Humayun and half-brother of Akbar, during whose reign he ruled Kabul. He is depicted kneeling on a namda rug wearing an orange jama. He holds a blue and white porcelain cup decorated with a bird and a wine flagon stands on the carpet in front of him. In the upper left corner, the artist has drawn a distant townscape surrounded by trees.

    For further information on this album see RCIN 1005038.