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The Delivery of presents for Prince Dara-Shikoh's wedding (November-December 1632) 1656-57

33.0 x 23.0 cm (image) | RCIN 1005025.v

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  • f.120b: delivery of presents (plate 21) The wedding of Prince Dara-Shikoh, whom Shah-Jahan favoured as his successor, was performed with exceptional splendour. It was the first major celebration after the court had spent over a year in mourning for Mumtaz Mahal, the Emperor's wife and the mother of the Prince. The bride was Dara-Shikoh's first cousin Nadira Banu Begam, daughter of Shah-Jahan's elder brother Parvez and Jahan Banu Begam, who were also first cousins (for her father, Shah-Murad, was Jahangir's younger brother). The ceremonies began in late 1632 with the formal engagement shown in the delivery of the presents sent by the bridegroom's family to the home of the bride. The lavish procession, led by the chief minister of the court, moves along the banks of the Jumna river. The gifts are carried on trays, covered with richly woven fabrics. Musicians on elephants accompany the procession. Clearly visible across the river are the walled gardens of the homes of the nobility, densely planted with trees to provide shade and cool from the intense heat. The text records how: 'two lacs of rupees, one lac in cash and one in goods, half of which were precious gems and the other half fine textiles, were taken from the royal the domicile of the chaste Jahan Banu Begam.'
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