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The work of our section is about increasing awareness and enjoyment of the Royal Collection through the website. We collaborate with teams across the organisation to create text, image, audio and video records for online publication.

In addition to our role in the production of specialist catalogues, whether military maps, Oriental porcelain or Dutch 17th-century paintings, we are increasingly looking at ways to engage online visitors and guide them through the Collection.

We enjoy exploring the latest digital trends and thinking how to develop online presentation to meet the needs of our audiences. For example, how can we take visitors to the items in the Collection that come from their home town or show them a 19th-century photograph of their place of work?


We are passionate about the Royal Collection and its history, and love that our work is about sharing it with the world. As with any cataloguing role, attention to detail is important, and everyone in the team must be able to write engaging and accurate content. However, equally important are the ability to see the larger picture and the imagination to find new ways to enthuse the public about the Collection.

Latest vacancies

Visit our Current vacancies page to view Royal Collection Trust's latest opportunities in London, Windsor and Edinburgh, including summer jobs and internships.