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Collections Information Management


The Collections Information section ensures that the location and condition of every item in the Royal Collection is accurately recorded. We generate information that is used by colleagues across the organisation for research, conservation and exhibition planning. These records are also published on the Royal Collection Trust website.

We carry out regular checks of the 15 main locations across the UK where the Collection is displayed, as well as of the thousands of items on long-term loan across the country. When we are not 'in the field' carrying out this work, we update and maintain our database by organising photography of objects, adding information from old inventories, and researching objects and their provenance, as well as answering public enquiries.

Our roles give us the unique opportunity to work with a world-class collection, where many of the objects are still in their original setting or are being used for their original purpose.


Attention to detail and accuracy are vital, because the information we provide is disseminated both throughout the organisation and to the public. Excellent written communication skills and the ability to summarise complex information clearly and succinctly are also invaluable.

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