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Sobieski Hours facsimile

Release date: Friday, 10 February 2017

The Sobieski Hours, a rare Gothic manuscript held in the Royal Collection, has gone on display at Windsor Castle. The manuscript, known as a 'Book of Hours', would have been used daily as a personal prayer book and is beautifully illuminated with narrative scenes depicting events in the life of Christ and the saints, as well as Old Testament stories.

The Sobieski Hours, illuminated in Paris around 1430, is the finest Western manuscript in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle. The manuscript was probably owned by John III Sobieski King of Poland (1629-96). His great-grandson, Cardinal York, presented it to the Prince Regent, the future George IV.

The age and fragility of the book mean that it is rarely displayed, and visitors to Windsor will be able to see the work in the Queen's Drawing Room until 24 March.  The Sobieski Hours is displayed alongside a recently produced copy of the book, known as a 'facsimile'. Find out more about creating the facsimile of the Sobieski Hours.

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