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Easter at Royal Collection Trust

Release date: Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Here's a round-up of objects in the Collection, activities to take part in, and purchases that are available across the official royal residences which all relate to Easter. 

Imperial Easter Eggs ©

Easter items from our shop ©

Easter Eggs – made of jewels…

What springs to mind when someone says "Easter eggs"? Chances are it will either be the chocolate variety, or Fabergé's famous jewelled eggs. The Royal Collection holds one of the largest and most important collections of Fabergé objects in existence. It includes three examples of the famous Imperial Easter Eggs as well as flowers, boxes, frames, personal jewellery, as well as the largest collection of Fabergé’s animal carvings in the world.

…and chocolate

If chocolate eggs are of more interest remember to order yours from the Royal Collection Trust shop ready for Easter Sunday. As well as decorated eggs  we have chocolate bunnies.  Or if you have a less sweet tooth this lovely fabric rabbit will be great fun to play with.

Easter egg hunts

Keep busy over the Easter break with the children by taking them on an Easter egg hunt. Trails are taking place at the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace, and at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, where you can also burn off the extra sugar taking part in a ceildh specially for the little ones. Meanwhile at Windsor Castle a Faberge egg trail and other activities are taking place every day from Saturday, 1 April to Monday, 17 April. 

Floral Easter

Easter is also a time when plants and flowers are bursting into life. Alexander Marshall painted spring bulbs around 1650, showing several flowers familiar in British gardens today. The distinctive yellow trumpet daffodils seen in parks and gardens in March and April were common in 1600 as well, with John Gerard, the 17th-century botanist and herbalist commenting that they ‘decke up our London gardens’.

Watercolour of spring flowers by Alexander Marshal ©


If you're looking for activities over the Easter break remember our exhibition Maria Merian's Butterflies is open in Edinburgh; and it is also the last few days of Portrait of the Artist in London which closes on Monday, 17 April.

Check opening and closure dates in the visit section of our website before your visit. All of our venues will be closed on Good Friday, 14 April, and some open late on Easter Monday.

Maundy coins

Maundy money from 2002 ©

The Queen at St George's Chapel for the Royal Maundy Service in 2016 (c) Press Association

In the Middle Ages, English monarchs washed the feet of beggars in imitation of Jesus and presented gifts and money to the poor on Maundy Thursday. This evolved into the tradition of giving Maundy coins. This year The Queen will be at Leicester Cathedral for the traditional service.

There are four coins in the Maundy Money set (above), made up of coins with a denomination from one to four pence. The coinage is minted by The Royal Mint and are legal tender but are rarely seen in circulation. The profile portrait of The Queen was designed by Mary Gillick in 1953, and these are the only coins of which the design does not change, except for the date.

The three Maundy coins in Queen Mary's Dolls' House are rather smaller. The penny, quarter farthing, halfpenny are contained in a box less than 2cm wide, and were made in 1924. The coins are in the Queen's Sitting Room of the Queen Mary's Dolls House at Windsor Castle, which is available to visit when the Castle is open. 

Easter postcard sent to Prince Edward of Wales in 1905 ©


Sending postcards used to be more popular than it is now. This Easter card with chicks surrounded by dogrose flowers was sent to Prince Edward of Wales, later King Edward VIII from Paris.

Gift boxes

We have gift boxes available for tickets to Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Each presentation gift box contains flexible tickets plus a souvenir guidebook.

Buckingham Palace will be open to visitors during the summer from 22 July until 1 October, and as well as seeing inside the magnificent State Rooms of the Palace, you will see a special exhibition showcasing some of the gifts presented to The Queen over her reign.